SAFE - Open House

December 1st 2013
We put up a booth at the SAFE open house. It was a great opportunity to see what a great place SAFE is and how much help they give. They had a variety of activities and I made ornaments for some of the horse's stalls. Victoria gave me a great tour to meet all of the horses and I took a picture with Santa too.

Featured on BCRF Facebook Site

December 5th 2013
My site was featured on the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Facebook page!
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Tate's Artwork Calendar for 2014

My name is Tate, hello! I am eight years old and I live in Washington. I love horse riding, running, hiking, playing with my brother and sister, and walking my dog, Mouse. I made this calendar because I want to raise money for two charities; one that helps stop cancer and one that saves abused horses.

I want to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation because my mom is BRCA positive and she had to have a lot of surgery this year and I want to help find a cure. I want to support Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE) because I don't know how people could be so mean to such a beautiful animal and I want to help give horses a second chance. I'm going to give 100% of the profits from my calendar to these two charities.

By selling my calendars, I raised $897.92!

I am going to split this, and send $448.96 to each of these awesome charities.

Front of Calendar Back of Calendar
January 2015
My calendar includes one extra month for January 2015!

This is me, Tate This is me riding Queen
By selling my calendars, I raised $897.92

For general questions, please email me at:
For sales specific information, please email to:
SAFE Save A Forgotten Equine
12236 Old Frontier Rd NW
Silverdale, WA 98383
Breast Cancer Research Foundation Breash Cancer Research Foundation
60 East 56th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Charter For Compassion Charter for compassion